Hello there! I’m a Maine based photographer, Mother, and Mental health care worker. I enjoy the art of photography, it has become my outlet, and some days my sanity! ┬áThis is where I’m supposed to write something meaningful, make myself out to be the “one” you want, but I’m not much of a writer!

I started out the same as every other photographer, with one camera and one lens! I taught myself everything I know, relying on many different forms of training and readings! I’ve learned a lot from some local photographers and a dear friend and everything has slowly come together. To be honest, it has not been all fun! It, at times, has been quite frustrating and emotional, but it has been real! I have always seen life from a different perspective, looking and seeing something no one else could and turning it in to a piece of art.

I have seen beauty in everyone I have came across. I guess I got that from my mother, she’s always had a huge heart for others, willing to stop and help.

Truth is I’m ordinary, just the same as you! Difference is I capture story’s in a art sense. I bring out the beautiful, the real you! I’m simple upbeat and open to try just about anything once. If my work strikes that interest, feel free to contact me!

Brittany Sisco

Image courtesy of Jessica Michael Photography – http://JessicaMichaelPhotography.com